VoIP Services
VoIP phone systems far outweigh the standard telephone systems with these additional features:
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Link Remote Offices

Connect your remote offices easily over the internet for free connectivity and visual indication across all offices.


Never worry about your volume of inbound and outbound calls again. On a VoIP network, calls are only limited to the speed of the internet connection, not the number.

Customised Solution

We sit down with you and customise a tailored solution to suit your business’s needs. We figure out the daily working of your business and deliver easy to use, but complex features to help in the day-to-day working environment.

Redundant Network

If there is an outage in one of the data centre’s, our network automatically and seamlessly reroutes to a live one. You will not even notice.


Our company is Australian based, including our support. The first person to answer the phone will provide the solution to your problem.

Keep your existing phone number

We help you make to switch to VoIP with minimal disruptions, including keeping your existing phone numbers - even if you move to a new location, including interstate.