Time Based Routing

What is Time & Date Based Routing?


Flexible automatic time based inbound call routing


Corporate Phone System Time and Date Routing technology automatically route your inbound calls based on predefined parameters such as time, day of week, week of the year, or public holidays, depending on your business’s requirements. Moreover, if you run a business with designated office hours, Date and Time Routing enables you to automatically route your incoming calls to other locations or our Phone Answering Service, during your out-of-office hours. We simply set up your operating hours in the routing system and our technology takes care of the rest. Date and Time Routing is a great system to ensure you never miss a business lead again.

How Does Time & Date Routing Work?

It’s simple! Supply us with your operating hours or schedule and routing preferences, then we’ll input it into our routing system. After which, calls made to your business outside of your operating hours will be routed accordingly. Ensuring you never miss a business opportunity again! We can also incorporate Exchange-Based Routing into a Custom Routing Solution.